Meet The New Life Partners


I started my Herbalife Nutrition journey six years ago, looking to improve my fitness results. It seemed as if the more I worked out, the more I was at a plateau. I got on a program and was able to cut my body fat percentage in half. I later moved on to use products safely throughout my pregnancy and was able to lose the baby weight within 12 weeks after I had my daughter. We opened New Life Nutrition five and a half years ago to build a facility to allow clients and coaches the opportunity to build relationships and today, we have developed a community of happy and healthy people. Whether they are looking to get their next wellness result or encourage others to do the same, together, we are family. 


When I found Herbalife Nutrition, I was an overweight, out of shape, single mom who suffered from migraines and was looking for energy and a lifestyle change. I started seeing results pretty quickly, and others noticed! I decided to take on the business venture as I was happy and feeling great, I wanted to share the opportunity with everyone who was inquiring! I started helping family and friends once I became a coach. Here I am, six and a half years later as a Global Expansion Team (GET) member, living a happy and health lifestyle and I get to share that every day with others! 


I am passionate about fitness and arts and I spend a lot of time indulging in those pleasures. My mission is to help clients reach their goals and aid them to feel free and comfortable in their own bodies. I was searching for a way to make money while being able to heal and lose weight, and I came across an online ad to meet with a coach. I went on to lose 76 pounds! I am a proud co-owner of New Life Nutrition and continue to help others reach their potential!


I was looking to lose weight and gain energy. I tried other programs but couldn’t find anything that would keep my attention. I decided to meet a coach that gave me a customized plan and she went on to lose 59 pounds. While losing the weight, I started helping others lose weight, all while working full time as an elementary teacher. I am grateful and I'm now one of the co-owners of New Life Nutrition. I get excited when people try new things and achieve their goals. “Here at New Life Nutrition we have created a family friendly environment. People cheer one another on and are there for them in a time of need. This is truly a positive community.”